Brain ischemia and stroke

The bis conference series has become a traditional forum for exchanging ideas and providing updates on specifi c topics. The focus of bis14 will be on “Revascularization and Reperfusion”. Our a empt is to integrate basic and clinical research, as emphasized by the acronym. The program is in progress The following scientists already accepted to join the conference: David A well (USA)/ Alastair Buchan (UK)/ Alfonso Ciccone (It)/ Charlo e Cordonnier (Fr)/ Turgay Dalkara (Tr)/ Gregory Del Zoppo (USA) / John Hallenbeck (USA)/ Costantino Iadecola (USA)/ Christoph Kleinschnitz (De)/ Didier Leys (Fr)/ David Liebeskind (USA)/ Italo Linfante (USA)/ Patrick Lyden (USA)/ Chris Schaff er (USA)/ Danilo Toni (It)/ Berislav Zlokovic (USA)
Scientific Program

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