About us

How we work

Passion for our work has always accompanied us in all of our achievements, contributing directly to the success of our Customers.The experience gained during these years in the organization of conferences and events has allowed NICO Congressi to grow and develop the business also in other areas that have the ultimate goal of launching, promoting specific activities or products on the market.

The realization of an event involves the assembly of a multitude of activities.

On the one hand, these require the use of different management modes and specialized professional resources, but on the other hand, they must integrate seamlessly with each other in terms of time, operating mode and management.

For us, the “unique management specification” chosen for each event and the communicative message resulting from it must respond to the specific strategic choice of communication that the Customer intends to give to the event.

Our goal is to contribute to the success of the event, managing all the stages of implementation, from organization to logistics, delivery of services and support activities that are in accordance to the appropriate planning, programming and operating results required by the issuer.

This concept is based on our corporate goal.

  • NICO Congress was founded by Dr Nicla Pruneti, who is still Managing Director of the company.
  • NICO Congressi is associated with Italcongressi – PCO Italia and currently operates from 3 locations in Italy.
  • Over the years, many national and international events have been held and organized by NICO Congressi.


Provider ECM

Nico Congressi on 05/05/2011 was accredited as a Provider for Continuing Medical Education (ECM) – Identification Number No 322.